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Free Forum Friday May 6th Edition

Not much happening this week. Well, there was that bin Laden thing. For only the third time in a century the New York Times physically stopped the presses to publish a new front page notice on the death of Osama … Continue reading

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Osama bin Laden Killed in Pakistan

Moments ago, President Obama announced to the nation that a military operation had located and killed Osama bin Laden in Abbottabad, Pakistan; an affluent suburb of Islamabad. The President approved the mission on April 29th after several months of monitoring … Continue reading

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Happy Tax Day!

Everyone got an extra three days to deal with their taxes this year. Hopefully everyone got to enjoy a little bit of weekend not fretting over their returns. When I was growing up my mother always said there were three … Continue reading

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GOP: Titanic or S. S. Minnow?

Here’s a really insightful, historical perspective from Dylan Loewe over at Huffington Post. Another 1994? Or Another 1946? In the article he points out that Democrats held huge majorities throughout FDR’s entire 12 years before Republicans finally made a comeback. … Continue reading

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Canaries and Coal Mines

Survey USA has just front-paged an astonishing poll showing Rand Paul‘s support plummeting by double digits, and Conway closing the gap to a statistical tie. The internals are especially fascinating… (and admittedly controversial.) You can see the poll results here: http://www.surveyusa.com/Continue reading

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Eye of Newt; Toe of Frog

Exactly 16 years ago, Newt Gingrich released his “Contract With America.” It made an instant connection with voters, and six weeks later the Republicans swept to a 54-seat pickup in the House and majority status.

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