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E Uterus Unum

Florida State Rep. Scott Randolph (D-Orlando) is frustrated with the 18 bills regulating abortion being considered by the Florida State Legislature. He feels that the legislative priorities are misplaced when Florida’s economy, like much of the nation’s, is in disarray. … Continue reading

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In This Corner…Jon Huntsman

2012 Contender Series: Jon Huntsman In this corner… is an ongoing series looking into the viability of potential candidates for the 2012 Presidential race. (Updated: Huntsman officially left the race and endorsed Mitt Romney prior to the South Carolina primary) (Updated: … Continue reading

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Made It, Ma! Top of the World!

Jordan Ellenberg has a great article up on Slate on “The Mathematics of Narcissism.” There are two related themes running through it. One theme surrounds the overhaul of the current Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Fourth Edition Revised (DSM … Continue reading

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Science Marches On

On Friday, December 17, the Obama Administration issued a formal memorandum saying that government officials should not interfere with science. [Crickets.] So, why is this an issue at all? I know my fellow liberals are sometimes accused of blaming the … Continue reading

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A Cure for AIDS, But at What Cost?

This week’s science news is a relatively old story with a new twist: in the journal Blood, scientists in Germany report a possible “cure” for infection with the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), the virus which causes the disease acquired immunodeficiency … Continue reading

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Arsenic and Old Wounds

In the olden days of yore, science was taught as a guild craft. Knowledge about essential procedures, and about the interpersonal politics of science, were passed down from advisor to student in much the same way that ancient guilds passed … Continue reading

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It’s the End of the World as We Know It

…and I feel fine. The Internets (a series of Tubes), social media sites, and even CNN are all a-Twitter (sorry) about a press conference to be held tomorrow afternoon. Much of the speculation has centered on this hidden meaning in … Continue reading

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