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Buck Up!

(From FOX NEWS) President Obama and Vice President Biden both used unusually tough language this week to describe their own supporters. In an interview with Rolling Stone released Tuesday, Obama accused many of being apathetic, self-defeating pessimists. “It is inexcusable … Continue reading

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My President Rocks So this is a rebuttal to my article the other night and Joe Biden’s admonition that we buck up.

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This Day in History

This is my first attempt in a while to post all by my lonesome. The last post I made (“She Blinded Me With Science”) got a bit munged in the translation from my html through the blogging software, so I’m … Continue reading

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The Business of Government as Business

It’s common to hear candidates for executive branch offices claim that, if elected, they will run their organizations like businesses. This isn’t an unreasonable position; they have many attributes in common. So what happens when we start to look at … Continue reading

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The No Fear Zone

  On issues from taxation to social policy, from the environment to national security, from human rights to public safety, it seems all too easy to convince Americans to support causes contrary to their own interests. The common motivating factor … Continue reading

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Hi all. We’re thinking about going with some other ISP and using WordPress. Again, if you have any thoughts about the site, feel free to ramble. We have started Free Forum Fridays at Filistro’s behest and I think it should … Continue reading

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Canaries and Coal Mines

Survey USA has just front-paged an astonishing poll showing Rand Paul‘s support plummeting by double digits, and Conway closing the gap to a statistical tie. The internals are especially fascinating… (and admittedly controversial.) You can see the poll results here: reading

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Obama: 2004. What Happened to That Guy?

I remember watching a fresh, young, Illinois Senator deliver  a moving oratory at the Democratic National Convention in 2004. I thought to myself, ‘whoa; wrong guy running for President. John Kerry is weak tea’. I’ve been campaigning for Obama ever … Continue reading

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Barbarians at the Gate?

bar·bar·i·an [bahr-bair-ee-uhn] –noun 1. a person in a savage, primitive state; uncivilized person. 2. a person without culture, refinement, or education; a philistine. 3. (loosely) a foreigner. 4. (in ancient and medieval periods) a. non-Greek. b. person living outside, esp. … Continue reading

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GOP Pledge to America Part II

Meh. Rerun.

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