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Yachtboating; the New Swiftboating?

In the 2004 Presidential campaign the political gloves came off, so to speak, when a group of Vietnam War veterans was enlisted by a Republican special interest group (known as a 527 or the equivalent of today’s SuperPac) released negative … Continue reading

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Republicans Favor Deficit Increases

The Republicans in Congress continue to clamor for a deficit increase of a quarter-trillion dollars in 2011, despite promises of more fiscal responsibility. Regarding the Republican plans, Senator John Kerry (D-MA) told CNN today “I hope Americans will understand how craven and … Continue reading

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Obama: 2004. What Happened to That Guy?

I remember watching a fresh, young, Illinois Senator deliver  a moving oratory at the Democratic National Convention in 2004. I thought to myself, ‘whoa; wrong guy running for President. John Kerry is weak tea’. I’ve been campaigning for Obama ever … Continue reading

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