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Romney / Ryan 2012…Really?

The president was half joking when he compared Mitt Romney to the reverse Robin Hood but truthfully Romney has selected his Sheriff of Nottingham. It should come as no surprise that Mitt Romney chose the Representative from Wisconsin Paul Ryan as his running … Continue reading

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Can’t Steal Thunder That Wasn’t Yours

538Refugees predicted back in April why Marco Rubio would be the VP pick because of Romney’s lagging support amongst the latino/hispanic community. There was also the perception that it wouldn’t hurt Romney’s chances to carry the swing state of Florida despite … Continue reading

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It’s Florida All Over Again: Why Rubio Will be the VP Nominee

(Update: 6/15/12 Following President Obama’s policy of granting protection from deportation of illegal immigrants who were born or brought here as children, Rubio as a VP choice is once again called into question. The Obama administration’s actions caught the Romney … Continue reading

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Hot Fudge Sunday July 17th

Politico now has an interactive preview of the Sunday shows with the hosts of each show. Politico’s John Harris interviews David Gregory, Christiane Amanpour, and Candy Crowley for Turn the Table. Got a burning comment on the Sunday talk show … Continue reading

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Oh Sure, Blame the Black Guy

You probably thought I meant President Obama. Nope. I was referring to Michael Steele. Don’t get me wrong; I don’t think race has anything to do with stupid stuff. Apparently the Republican Party is afraid to fire Steele for fear … Continue reading

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Better the Devil You Know…

One of our contributors from Florida in the comment section has posited that he is experiencing regret regarding his early vote for Kendrick Meek. I have to concur. I’m not sure what would happen if Meek dropped out now anyway. … Continue reading

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