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A Necessary Tyranny

Nate posted a good article at Five Thirty Eight addressing the claims that Republicans may actually want the US to default rather than raising the debt ceiling. I certainly hope the nation is growing tired of the game of chicken … Continue reading

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Jim DeMint v. Sesame Street

(Ed. Note: 538 Refugees occasionally hosts guest editorials. This week’s guest is Brian K. White. Regular readers will know him as a refugee from the old fivethirtyeight.com days as 10kZebra. A¬†Seattle native who has worked for nine years as the … Continue reading

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Is Roger Ailing?

This weekend, the Internets (a series of tubes) were buzzing about the “possible” indictment of Roger Ailes. Ailes, you may recall, is the mastermind of Fox News. The accusation, reported in Friday’s New York Times, is that he obstructed justice … Continue reading

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