Tuesday Night Fights!

By Mr. Universe

Leeeeet’s Geeeeet Ready to Rumbuuuuullll!!!

We are rapidly approaching the end of primary season and tonight is one of the biggest of the remaining primaries. Most of these contests are happening in the northeast. I just got word that the Delaware Tea Party [R] candidate has won against the 30 year veteran, Mike Castle. She’s a relative political neophyte but a seasoned campaigner (having lost several races previously), she has been fighting off detractors for the ‘out there’ positions and remarks she has made in the past in addition to her record. The perfect Tea Party candidate. I guess even the fringe need a voice, too.

Several people have been referring to the Tea Party as the Republicans eating their own. DNC Chairman, Tim Kaine, has even called them the ‘Donner Party’, after the westward migrating family who had to resort to cannibalism when caught in the winter in the Sierras of California.

Question: could this be a calculated loss? Let me elaborate.

It’s difficult to form and maintain a third political party in the US. Third parties have rarely been viable except as to function as tools of one of the other parties as a spoiler. It may be the Tea Party’s intention; not just to win, but to destroy the Republican party from within. You’re either with us or against us. Choose loyalty now.

You know what would be an interesting backlash? An increase in Blue Dog Democrats. If I were a disaffected  and disowned Republican who actually wanted to help run the government, who didn’t really want to be the party of NO, and wanted to engage in politics, I might consider defecting from the party.

The party is fracturing and becoming a Frankenparty.

Let’s face it. this will always be a two party country. It’s us versus them. When I was growing up, it was the Alabama Crimson Tide against the Auburn Tigers. The great southern college football rivalry. At my family reunions, you had to pick a side. Doing so showed what you were made of. The debate was intense; the rivalry, furious. but you had to have a loyalty. Politics is like football and the Tea party is the visiting team that everyone thinks is promising.

So, maybe the Tea Party knows it will lose this time. But maybe they are counting on the sting of the loss to energize the Republican party as that promising visiting team. The underdog. They know that the Republican party must lose badly in order for the Tea Party to gain momentum. Go team! We’ll get ’em next year!

Could it be that simple? Maybe. I’d like to think that people prefer to address issues in an inclusive manner rather than in an us vs. them perspective.

Update: as I’m writing. Tea Party rakes in a bunch of races despite not being a legitimate party. Voter outrage cries anarchy!

Paladino just won as well. Party of values; here we go. My god. It’s sad to watch.

Fasten your seat belts and get aboard the crazy train. Hahahahahahahaha!

About Mr. Universe

Mr. Universe is a musician/songwriter and an ex-patriot of the south. He currently lives and teaches at a University in the Pacific Northwest. He is a long distance hiker who has hiked the Appalachian Trail and the Pacific Crest Trail. He is also an author and woodworker. An outspoken political voice, he takes a decidedly liberal stance in politics.
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  1. Monotreme says:

    Why is Christine O’Donnell wearing makeup in this video? It wouldn’t be in an attempt to make herself more attractive to the opposite sex, would it?http://www.mediaite.com/tv/rachel-maddow-plays-christine-odonnell-90s-no-masturbation-mtv-interview/

  2. Mainer says:

    Wow I don’t know Mono wouldn’t that have to involve some element of lust and she has come out pretty strong against that. Much said across the net tonight about the RNC possibly not funding her. I suspect she is not worried…..maybe in an Alfred E. kind of way but would it be out of the question for the Kochs to funnel money to her through various political fronts? I do hope some one is closely watching the money trail on some of these campaigns. If the Democrats will do some national marketing to show the over all theme that is emerging from the TP’s that have won and other Republicans that are trying to see just how far right they can run and what it will mean for the country while the candidates hammer away on the local politics enough people might actually see the patern and realize what we are in for if this crowd is given back the keys to the government.If the pollsters actually get out there now and measure what the mood really is we might see some movement in the Dem.s direction. The Republicans have had all the campaign press of late because they really had all the contests of interest. What happens now? Do only Republican candidates get free air time or will the media start to man up and recognize that this is a series of races with two sides? I don’t expect to see it from Fox but I sure as hell hope the rest start looking at both the sides. I also strongly hope the Dems go after the Republicans hammer and tong on economic issues and DADT. Motivate the Dems and progressive Indies to have a few oh my gawd moments. Can you believe the vote totals in DE tonight. So few people making such an important decision. Now would I ascribe this whole program to some deep seated plot from the far Right? In all honesty I don’t think many of them have thought very much of this through. I really don’t think they have a clue what they will do from a governance point of view. We hear they will shut down the Gov, try to impeach the president roll back the last 2 years and we can pretty much expect non stop obstruction in the Senate while the elected right go at each other in public. It may not be much in the way of governing but it is going to be political theater the likes of which we haven’t see since just before the Civil war. The real question is just how much will it take to induce complete revulsion in the American public. And what will happen when it does reach that point. I keep trying to imagine the tipping point but my danged crystal ball is down with a virus.

  3. filistro says:

    Am I here?

  4. filistro says:

    Wow… threaded comments?

  5. filistro says:

    Okay, it looks like I’m here… 🙂 but I’m going to need some techno-help.

  6. filistro says:

    This is SO COOL!

  7. shiloh says:

    Profiles in NYT’s political censorship, Volume 2:@JasonDo we miss the trolls?~~~~~~~~~~Whereas it is true some trolls can be entertaining ~ one trick pony trolls like Mule Rider:Mule’s eloquence !!!not so much ;)Although it is amusing Mule Rider has to behave himself here, a so-called liberal newspaper, as Mule called Nate every winger ad hominem, expletive, insult his childish mind could muster and threatened to kill Nate yada yada yadaand thenand thenand thenlike a rudderless, neurotic lemming to the sea, Mule Rider follows Nate to The NYT’s lolToo funny!~~~~~~~~~~OK, to be fair, didn’t expect my Mule post to pass NYT’s muster er censorship ’cause it was personal lolbut it was truly too funny to hear Mule disparage Nate especially the last month of 538 and then Nate censored all his posts the last (2) wks when moderation was turned on and then …and thenand thensee Mule at The NYT’s posting his nonsense at Nate’s new location.The boy has no will power! ;)Indeed, the more things change, the more they stay the same as Charles, PK and Mule said they would never post here, which begs the question: What’s the over/under when Mule makes his 1st post at 538Refugee 😀 😀 :Dtake care, blessings

  8. filistro says:

    shiloh… a lot of my posts get trashed at NYT… I never can figure out why. I think they don’t like anything personal from one poster to another.It’s hard to get used to sudden freedom again. I feel like I’ve crawled under the barbed wire fence and suddenly emerged outside the prison yard. NOW WHAT???

  9. shrinkers says:

    You are definitely here. Moderation is a bit slow, is all. As the Buddhists say, everything in moderation.

  10. filistro says:

    As the Buddhists say, everything in moderation.Including moderation!Does anybody else have the feeling the political landscape has undergone a sudden, massive sea change? I’ve been bummed for so long, maybe it’s just wishful thinking on my part? I’d like to know if anybody else feels the same thing.

  11. shrinkers says:

    Moderation is definitely the one thing you shouldn’t overdo.Yes, filistro, I think everything has shifted. The final primaries changed a lot of the landscape. We’re past Labor Day, which means the real campaign begins. People are starting to think about the next election — and the threatened burning of Korans frightened people so badly, the strength of the hateful rightwing rhetoric, the realization of just how crazy the Teapers are, it’s all starting to sink in.And on a positive note, people have begun to notice the economy actually IS improving — slower than we want, but it’s going in the right direction. Which it did not do for the long, long years when the bozi were in charge. I don’t know if this feeling will last — or if it will grow, or if the Propaganda Channel will overwhelm it. But it’s a start.

  12. shiloh says:

    filiYea, no rhyme or reason as I’ve had personal posts re: Bart, both rejected and accepted. One post was rejected and changed turdblossom to rove and it passed muster lol.Assume they have different moderators at different times/days, so that may be the key to inconsistency.On the plus side 🙂 my Firefox AdBlock Plus works great at The Times.>Further Mule irony: 😉MuleRiderMemphis, TNSeptember 3rd, 20103:55 pm”I also am disappointed with the frequency of the posts at this new site. Is this the new normal? Or are we still getting organized. It’s been two days without anything new. That never happened at the old site. We’re starving out here, Nate.”What’s the matter with you people?! My God, all of the clamoring for Nate to give you “more more more”…exemplified by the post above. You’re like attention-starved toddlers, all of you.Be patient. Give Nate (and his team) a bit of a break. I’m sure he could use one. We’re heading into a holiday weekend….maybe he’s getting some much-needed rest/relaxion and/or has gone on vacation.Bottom line: if you’re that starved for material, FIND SOMETHING ELSE TO OCCUPY YOUR TIME!!!~~~~~~~~~~Just a month ago Mule was sayin’ Nate was a pile o’ shit and now Mule is Nate’s biggest cheerleader. lolOh the humanity!Paging Dr. Jeckyll! :)Paging Mr. Hyde! :)and so it goes …

  13. Mainer says:

    I have been more frustrated than bummed of late but I understand….I seem to remember a couple of you walking me back from the edge at least once before. I don’t know about a sea change, a possibility of course, but one can detect subtle shifts that could signal an awakening of sorts in the electorate. Where we are now finally past the primary madness and into that phase of the game where the two sides get measured side by side it is going to be more difficult for the very right to not look quite regressive and I think to a number of people scary. When a very right candidate with strange ideas are put up against most Republicans of late that either are or are trying to look very right the oddness may just not jump to some and most nonright wing voters have not been up to their eyeballs in this because it hasn’t been their game. Most Democrats were not running campaigns in mine fields so the spectator “enthusiasm” just wasn’t there but now the last man or woman righty standing for any given contest has to see how they look when compared to more middle of the road candidates. Remember if you are standing in a deep ditch and every one around you is standing in the same ditch or one even deeper you may not look odd for being in the ditch but if you are still standing in that same ditch or have managed to dig the hole even deeper but now must talk to some one actually standing on the road…..well you look not just different but odd for being in the ditch when most every one else is on the road. I do still know that it is not gooing to be great this fall, I understand that, I guess I just still have more faith in my fellow citizens than to think they will throw every thing to the wind just to vent their collective spleens. The Dems can still salvage this to some extent but they need to just pound and pound and pound from now until the election. We saw a glimmer with the president but he has to keep the heat on, they all do. Some one needs to light a fire under Kanes butt and just keep stoking it. Gibbs and Rahm need to be given some ground rules and taken to the wood shed if they even slightly veer from the path.My biggest concern is what the retro right might do if they do not get their wave election. Or what they will do if they do win and then not immediatly see every thing they want and more in 25 days or less. Or what the rest of America could do if they win and then actually set about to destroy this administration or the government in general. I hope I am wrong but the old gut tells me we are going to see ugly nasty between now and the election. You suppose there will be some effort to rig elections, intimidate voters, or punk the election process or candidates?

  14. shiloh says:

    Shrinkers, moderation has been disabled! :)but after you post, you have to back out of the thread and then click back in to see your recent post.That’s how it works for me anyway.carry on

  15. filistro says:

    Mainer, c’mon now… you’re the one who keeps telling the rest of us to have faith in America. This wonderful country of yours is way, way bigger than any temporary craziness that may have taken hold. We’ve seen ’em come and we’ve seen ’em go, and America just keeps on trucking.What’s more, she always comes back stronger and better than ever, and leads the whole world on to new heights. Keep your chin up, and don’t lose that sparkle in your eye. You’ve always been like my political lighthouse… I need you to keep on shining through the dangerous murk of this political landscape.

  16. filistro says:

    Nice to have it confirmed. Something has definitely changed since Monday.How do I know?My thumbs are prickling. 🙂

  17. Mainer says:

    Oh I still have the faith dear lady. As I said frustrated not bummed. I was in part frustrated because I knew to some extent that the Dems really hadn’t had a chance tto get up to the plate yet and every one was obsessing about how the other team was leading even though the Dem team had yet to pick up a bat…..well we are now past that and I am waiting now to see what happens when the Right field team has to field a few rather than just swing at every thing.

    I was talking with a rather staunch Canadian Conservative the other day and he was in wonder at what passes for a conservative down here. Well I guess he is not alone but he made a wonderful point about how he had been down on business several times this year and how he just did not get the feeling that America was ablaze with rage. I know he gets around all over so I’m not just sure how many areas he was in but he said that while he talked to folks that were frustrated with the pace of recovery he didn’t just did not see the angry hordes that the media would have us believe are every where. He did say though that the more South he went the more angry and sullen he found the people to be. Anecdotal as all get out and I know it but when he questioned why Canada would want to deal with a bunch of reactionary zealots that seemed to think Canada must be the worst place on earth because of their horrible socialism, tollerance for others and nononsense election system (I know others would dispute that). He was just waiting for some idiot to suggest the Canadian border was a major security problem.

    We just have too many ill educated people being used by too many greedy folks that couldn’t care less if they tanked this country as long as they made money in the process. Sad isn’t it?

  18. chaboard says:

    Did I make it?

  19. filistro says:

    chaboard… not only did you make it, but you were the brave soul who asked for the URL and allowed us to sneak it past the moderator.WELL DONE! And welcome. (I just got here myself… have been nursing a painful sports injury and feeling sorry for myself the past couple of weeks.)

  20. Monotreme says:

    Welcome, Chaboard. As fili said, you done good.

  21. Bart DePalma says:

    I suspect that Nate’s interns are playing censor without any objective criteria. I have had multiple posts discussing polls applying to the subject matter of the thread nuked for no apparent reason. This is strange for a blog notionally dedicated to polling.Too bad.

  22. Monotreme says:

    Between the delay in approving posts and the meshugganah “rules” regarding moderation, I am beginning to get frustrated with trying to have a good discussion on the NY Times site.Shame, because Nate always posts up something worth discussing.

  23. filistro says:

    I wonder why they allowed us to post the URL for this site… never expected that to happen.Maybe the NYT doesn’t really WANT a lively comments area because it’s too much work to maintain, so they don’t mind if it’s taken off-site?At any rate, I’m deep in political discussion withdrawal right now… there are so many things I want to talk about, I hardly know where to start.

  24. Jean says:

    Fili,I have yet to get even one comment past the NYT gestapo. I’ve pretty much given up over there. I too have crawled under the barbed wire fence and have emerged outside the prison yard.

  25. Bart DePalma says:

    Filistro:Have you finally seen the tsunami?This sea change has been building since Spring 2009 and is arguably more powerful than either party right now.The Christian Science Monitor just ran a poll that found 44% of adults have a favorable view of the TP, which is far higher than either major party. Moreover, these are adults and not voters, where conservatives are dominant this cycle.Despite 538.com’s half-hearted attempt to minimize it, the GOP turnout lead in the primaries is the largest since the 20s. Last night, the GOP turnout was double expected across the board, nearly doubling up the Dems in WI and NH, while almost tying Dems in NY.I am not cheerleading. I was involved in the 1980 and 1994 conservative rebellions and they were not close to what I have been seeing over the past year and a half.Obama was elected when trust in government was at an historical low and he provided us with government on steroids. This is was not merely poking at a voters hornets nest, but ripping it down and stomping on it.

  26. Jean says:

    Bartles (said with affection),Your batting average over at NYT is way better than mine. And I’m a 61 year old grandma – what could I possibly say that they would object to?Anyway, welcome Bart and can you get Muley and the rest of the crowd over here to join us?

  27. Jean says:

    Bart, it is not a tsunami. It is a purging of the Republican party. Fortunately the Dems and indys are in a far less purging mood.

  28. parksie555 says:

    Parksie checking in from DE. Very disappointed in both my party and the voters in my state. 3000 crazies in a state of 800,000 may have ended my hopes of a Republican Senate this cycle.

  29. filistro says:

    LOL Jean… isn’t it GREAT??We can sing! We can cuss! We can pinch Bart’s cute little cheeks!And we can do it all in REAL TIME.Oh, the freedom!!!

  30. filistro says:

    Oh Bart, you poor dear.I’m really worried about you. This is not a tsunami… it’s an ugly riot. You’ve created a ravening monster.The mob has turned on the gatekeepers, and blood will be shed. This will not end well, I fear.But damn, it will be ENTERTAINING..

  31. filistro says:

    But on the bright side parksie, your baseball team (unlike your political party) looks to be peaking at just the right time.

  32. Jean says:

    Fili,Real-time. That was one of my unsuccessfully attempted posts at NYT. I tried to suggest that their “live blog” of yesterday’s primries should, by it’s very definition (hint: live), needs to be “real-time”, Which of course neither the blog nor comments were. Needless to say, they nuked that post.

  33. parksie555 says:

    Phils are playing well. And it must have cheered you a bit to see the Rays finally run down the Yanks.Map of the voting the primary was remarkable. All of the districts that went for Castle (including mine, thank goodness) were in the north. Every district below the Canal went for O’Donnell. No overlap at all. I will try to find the map online, quite fascinating.

  34. Jean says:

    Fili,You thumbs are prickling? Tisk. Tisk. Prickling. To overcome this malady, just think: What would Christine O’Donnell do.

  35. Jean says:

    shrinkers,Very few were fooled when John McCain threw his Sarah Palin Hail-Mary pass. I trust that voters will be just as smart this time around.On a local level, yesterday even my ex-husband said he is “Emmered out” and would not mind if the third-party Republican moderate candidate Tom Horner on as MN governor instead of far right-wing teaper Emmer. And my ex has hosted a significant amount of Emmer events and contributed more than I make in a year to Emmer’s campaign. There is hope!wv: 63531 Wells Fargo Bank safe combination?

  36. Jean says:

    Parksie,Yes, I saw your thoughtful comments over at NYT and “recommended” them. Although I’m not upset about ending hopes of a Republican senate, I am a strong believer that both parties NEED to work together – both parties compromising to cobble together something that will work. And right now we need pragmatic and reasonable Republicans for that. I have my doubts O’Donnell would work together with anyone – not even most Republicans.

  37. dr_funguy says:

    @BartThe teaparty “revolution”Keep your government hands off of my medicare!

  38. Monotreme says:

    As I said over at the NYT (a comment that made it through), I’m sorry Parksie that Castle got dumped.Like our Sen Bennett, I gather he was a good man. I don’t dislike politicians because they’re Republican (or because they disagree with me). I would like more principled men and women in Congress, regardless of the principles they adhere to.This willy-nilly “let’s throw the bums out” nihilistic attitude scares me, as it apparently does Filistro.All I would say is that I warned you guys back in May when I saw what happened to Bennett.

  39. dr_funguy says:

    I have had posts censored for no apparent reason, with others with very similar content passing within minutes…

  40. Monotreme says:

    For those who are in the mood for a good chuckle, check out the #odonnellcampaignslogans hashtag thread over at Twitter.

  41. shiloh says:

    Bart ole buddy ;)Since you can’t delete your posts at The NYT’s, it must drive you crazy when you make a faux pas, eh.Nice to know you’re still avoiding my posts at The Times just like Nate’s old blog lol when you have no rational/intelligent retort.>btw, for those of you who haven’t (easily) figured it out yet, I’m louiecifer as shiloh and shiloh24 were not available and earlier this year used louie to join ESPN.com and participate in NCAA bracketology.I digress.>On the bright side Bart, at least there isn’t a paywall yet, soooo wingers don’t have to pay to post at a liberal site! :DAnd all us liberals are happy 😉 Bart still has an outlet to whine about Obama ’cause a day w/out Bart whining re: progressives is a day w/out sunshine!>btw Bart, again the irony you and MR 😉 (((stole))) my (5) stages of grief meme I used at the old site several times, in as much as you and many other 538 winger trolls have spent the last (2) years crying a river 24/7 re: Obama and the Dems being in the majority …take care, blessings 🙂

  42. filistro says:

    Monotreme, I’m howling with laughter! (Now I remember what I missed so much about the old 538 comments…)My faves… “Masturbation is Murder” and “This campaign isn’t about me, it’s about the tissues.”Oh God… (pause to compose self…)I would just add another one… “O’Donnell’s a really attractive candidate, you’ve gotta hand it to her…”

  43. shiloh says:

    OK, let me say one nice 😉 thing re: The NYT’s lolThey don’t hold a grudge.After 3/4 posts not passing muster the first week, made this rant:To whom it may concern:NYT’s “Polit Bureau” er conservative censorship division w/out rhyme or reason.Pretty sure my above reply will not be posted ’cause you are now censoring all of my posts.Be advised it may not be posted here, but it will get posted elsewhere as I am copy/pasting all of your absurd moderation.>as mentioned to Nate his last week at the old site when he was also censoring posts:”btw, it is interesting you’re allowing continued sarcasm by 538’s long time winger trolls, Rudy, Bart, etc. but none by progressives.Very disappointing Nate as you have obviously gone over to the corporate dark side.Freedom of speech be damned!Very sad!”August 17, 2010 4:20 PMVery sad indeed! as Nate and The NYT’s are peas in a pod, eh ~ who knew!ciaoSo let me thank Mr. U once again for providing this American freedom alternative to the NYT’s censorship …Let freedom reign/ring :)btw, was calling the NYT’s the “Polit Bureau” a tad over the top 😉If the shoe fits …

  44. Monotreme says:

    She’s so dumb, she just posted up this WSJ article as supporting her.Among the gems therein are that 49% of Delaware voters think she’s unqualified.The best her oppo can come up with is that Coons wrote a college paper that (in an obvious joke) refers to himself as a Marxist.Meanwhile, her campaign problems are manifest.Here’s something I can’t say over at the NYT but I’m happy to post here. The American people think a 41 year old attractive female with no discernable sex drive is weird.I don’t think that’s weird, but what I do think is weird is that said 41 year old woman thinks she can tell me what I should do with my sexuality in the privacy of my own home.She’s going to ring that freakin’ cowbell so hard that we won’t hear anything for days after the election, I’d predict.Again, Bart, I want you to tell me when a candidate for statewide office with 24% VERY UNFAVORABLE and 49% UNQUALIFIED has ever won an election.

  45. shiloh says:

    p555 I feel your pain ~ ok, I’m lying ;)This was part of a post earlier today which was censored at The Times.and so it goes …

  46. parksie555 says:

    I don’t think Coons is all star material by any means. He was basically supposed to be a throwaway when Beau Biden dropped out. The way DE politics usually works is once you get into a statewide office you can usually stay for a long time (Biden, Castle, Carper, Roth, et al). So Coons may have just lucked into a job for life! He does have some fiscal responsibility cred, he cleaned up some messes in county government. Certainly not a real inspiring guy, but give him credit, he threw his hat in the ring when nobody else would. I will be quite interested to see the first set of Nate’s numbers for this race post-primary. If I had to peg a number now I would say Coons probably has about an 85% chance of winning the seat.

  47. parksie555 says:

    Also like Coon’s initial interviews about O’Donnell, he made a point of not going on the attack at all. My guess is his strategy is just keep feeding O’Donnell the rope and let her hang herself over and over again. She had some rather interesting radio interviews during the primary, I am sure they will come up in numerous articles about this race.

  48. Bart DePalma says:

    Are you sure you want Muley here? He is supposed to be on my side and I find him WAY over the top.

  49. Jean says:

    I kind liked “I will bring Delaware jobs, not just hand jobs.”

  50. Bart DePalma says:

    Are you sure you want Muley here? He is supposed to be on my side and I find him WAY over the top.

  51. filistro says:

    Ummm..Bart… have you looked around lately?EVERYBODY on your side is “way over the top!”I think it’s time for you to step away from the crazy and come over here where the sane, smart, responsible people are. We’re a forgiving bunch. We’ll welcome you in and not even taunt you for your misguided beliefs in the past.(Okay, maybe we’ll taunt you a little bit… but no more than you deserve 🙂

  52. Bart DePalma says:

    shiloh old buddy,I can’t get much of what I want posted at the NYT, nevertheless playing whack-a-mole with you.You can play with me here.

  53. shiloh says:

    I’m seeing double! :)carry on

  54. Bart DePalma says:

    I might say make the same offer to you. The progressives are getting progressively more hysterical as election day draws near.If I read one more nutty post about how the Tea Party is financed by a mysterious cabal of billionaires…

  55. shiloh says:

    btw Bart, you can’t delete posts here also …Try to cope as best you can w/your perfection complex 😉

  56. shiloh says:

    the Tea Party is financed by a mysterious cabal of billionaires…and the truth shall set you free …take care, blessings

  57. Jean says:

    Bart,So update us on how the races are going, in your view, in Colorado.

  58. filistro says:

    Now you know how we felt all those years hearing how the evil sinister George Soros funded EVERYTHING…Seriously Bart… tell the truth, we’re all friends here… aren’t you just a tiny bit dismayed about how things are going? Can you honestly say you’re HAPPY that Christine O’Donnell is carrying your banner?The Freepers are. They’d rather stick it to the “establishment” than win the election any day. They’re rabidly furious at their own party. But I always took you for more of a political pragmatist than a wild-eyed firebrand.Was I wrong?

  59. Jean says:

    Or as was commented on MSNBC tonight, the monster that Republicans created in the basement has now taken a seat in their living room.

  60. Bart DePalma says:

    Your post sounds like a catty conversation among the popular girls at high school about the weird religious girl in chemistry class.Any chance at all that we can actually discuss the Tea Party candidates’ proposals? I know that is quaint, but there is like an election less than 2 months away.

  61. Monotreme says:

    You don’t get to change the question, Counselor.I asked you to tell me a time when a candidate with unfavorables this high has ever gone on to win an election.We’ll discuss her proposals (or lack thereof) in another thread, if you wish.

  62. Jean says:

    As the saying goes “Yes We Can”. So Bart, feel free to update us on how the races are going, in your view, in Colorado.Seriously, I’ve love to hear your views.

  63. Monotreme says:

    When I go to Ms. O’Donnell’s campaign website, I see a place to donate money (which, btw, appears to be going to meet her living expenses, but I digress) but I don’t see any platform or position papers or any evidence that she has any thoughts whatsoever on the issues of the day.Why don’t you tell us where to find such information, Bart?

  64. Mainer says:

    Wow if you bounce about the web world you can find every emotion known by man or woman on what yesterday meant. I think one of the coolest pieces was after picking up on the Rove/ Hanity near tiff that Hanity had the balls to even want to take on Karl. Now one must understand I detest Karl Rove, I hate what he has done to continue the destruction of effictive American politics B U T for some one such as Sean Hanity to try and take him on was unbelievable. Talk about going to a gun fight with a knife. Karl may is a horrid person but even I will admit how much he knows about political hardball. When Karl says the O’Donnell dog won’t hunt I would be one irked Republican. By the way welcome in Bart you ole pettifogger.I am curious Bart is there even one nutbar righty out there running for public office that even you find to be a bridge too far? Why is it that every time I think of some thing like this that have that ditty from the Nixon years running through my head. Sung to some Irish lilt if I remember correctly but each verse ended with “Halderman, Erlichman, Mitchell and Dean.” now why can we not come up with our own ditty tieing in Angle and Palin, Bachman and Paul? or any other reasonable combination. Maybe the NY Rep Gov, candidate, now there is a gem. Bart do you support that clown? Come on Bart where are the lines? We need a frame of reference of what constitutes too much or too far or too much cow bell.Regardless glad your here Bart would not have been the same with out you.

  65. Bart DePalma says:

    If PPP’s LV population matches the actual voters going to the polls this fall, then O’Donnell’s chances are pretty poor. Far better than a certain Senate Majority Leader with higher negatives, but not good.The problem is that PPP is asking unhappy Castle supporters right after a primary loss what they think of O’Donnell. Ask them again in 3-4 weeks when they have to choose between Coons and O’Donnell.I am reminded of the Hillary defectors to McCain who all ended up voting for Obama when the alternative was voting GOP.

  66. Bart DePalma says:

    Howard Fineman has in interesting ground level report on the DE primary.http://www.newsweek.com/2010/09/15/o-donell-win-shows-voters-are-in-a-mood-to-wreak-vengeance.htmlHis anecdotal interviews of GOP voters suggest that many Castle voters like the Tea Party and wanted to vote for O’Donnell, but were dissuaded by Castle’s negative campaign against her. However, no Castle voter Fineman spoke with wanted to vote for Coons in November. Indeed, Fineman concludes that, if Obama cannot sell his legislation any better, he may be contending with a Senator O’Donnell in 2011.Interesting take from someone who is usually a Dem cheerleader.

  67. Monotreme says:

    Demerits for reading comprehension, Bart.The PPP poll was the weekend before the election.A Public Policy Polling survey over the weekend of 958 likely voters found that 49% saw her as “unfit to hold office,” compared with 31% who deemed her fit.

  68. Monotreme says:

    Citation, please, for Sen. Reid’s unfavorables.Here’s something to get you started:Forty-five percent (45%) of all voters in the state have a favorable opinion of Reid, who has represented Nevada in the Senate since 1987, while 51% view him unfavorably. This includes 28% with a Very Favorable view and 44% with a Very Unfavorable one.Angle is seen favorably by 41%, with 17% who have a Very Favorable opinion of her. Fifty-five percent (55%) share an unfavorable opinion of the GOP candidate, including 46% Very Unfavorable, up eight points from the previous survey. (http://bit.ly/dsJDKw)Note that while the “Very Unfavorable” ratings are high for Sen. Reid, they’re about equal for Ms. Angle. That would indicate to me that “None of the Above” will get a lot of votes this year.

  69. Hunter L Cook says:

    Nice Threads. Not sure if there’ll be any there here…but I suppose we’ll find out.Anybody have thoughts on Nate’s models? I haven’t been able to discern any particular discussion of them at all on the NYT site. I have little to say other than that they seem even more pessimistic than I am…for example Nate has Ike Skelton losing MO-4, which is downright laughable. Memo to Nate (and the GOP): nobody’s going to walk into Ft. Leonard Wood and knock off the chair of the armed services commitee. And certainly not when he’s sitting on 6x your cash, and raised more money during the primary than both GOP challengers combined.

  70. shiloh says:

    Again Bart, O’Donnell received (141k) votes in 2008 ~ 35%, whereas yesterday she got (30.5k) …So much for teabagger enthusiasm, eh.>Profiles in NYT’s political censorship, Volume 3:@filistroSo true, as one of Bart’s true faux Republicans/Conservatives probably would never vote being their so-called distaste of govt. er the nanny state is so great!Indeed, if Reps ever lost their internet which was created by govt. they would be the first to have a hissy fit lol as the hippies of the late ’60s who wanted to live in back woods communes were all liberals, eh.Which begs the question: How long would have Bart and other hoity-toity conservatives 😉 have lasted in the wagon train days as by their very definition conservatives are stay at home types, whereas liberals are the explorers, risk takers etc. ie the Founding Fathers ~ those crazy cookoo rebel liberal patriots.Oh the dichotomy of progressive and conservative as I’ve been hearing for several years how conservatives, as a rule, don’t like to protest, and then Barack Hussein Obama becomes president and the well financed/sponsored astro turf faux rebellion of Fox News and the billionaire Koch bros. etc. comes out of the closet.hmm>Again, Reps like Bart want to rule and conquer, not govern, as they expect Reps to win every presidential election and when … this doesn’t happen, especially when a young, bi-racial, African/American becomes the 44th President of the United States of America by a (7.5) million margin, they whine, moan and groan like there’s no tomorrow!>Since rugged Reps 😉 are all independent individualists who don’t like social programs, suggest they all go live in Northern Canada where there’s plenty of wide open spaces and nothing but wilderness ~ yea that’s the ticket!Or maybe Wyoming lol ie (5) time, Vietnam war deferment cheney country!’nuf said!~~~~~~~~~~>and Bart trying to steal my 538 (5) stages of Republican grief meme:Bart DePalmaWoodland Park, COAugust 31st, 20104:08 pmThe evolution of posts over the summer at 538.com suggests that the Dems here are now past the denial stage of grief and have advanced onto the anger & bargaining stage.~~~~~~~~~~Bart is as misinformed/delusional/disingenuous as the day is long and won’t ever change, god love him. ;)but, but, butProgressives will still play w/him nonetheless 😉 his constant deflections notwithstanding. 🙂

  71. Jean says:

    In a nutshell, here’s a comment that sums up the majority view over at redstate, a conservative, turned teaper, right-wing website:”Because I do not view the GOP as an end, but as a means to an end. Viewed from the perspective of a free-market/limited-government agenda, a RINO-dependent majority brings nothing to the table but obstacles. Just yesterday, RINO Voinovich sold out the party by “crossing the aisle” to invoke cloture on a Dem-sponsored business subsidy bill. This crap happens all the time now. It would have continued to happen all the time in the future had Chameleon Castle been added to the Senate GOP caucus.It will happen far, far less in the future, with the addition of a half-dozen constitutional conservatives to GOP ranks (often replacing RINOs and pragmatic careerists). And — most important — the O’Donnell/Tea Party triumph will terrorize the fewer remaining “moderates” like McCain, Graham, and Maine’s liberal Bobbsey Twins about “crossing the aisle.” Looking ahead to their own re-elections, they’ll now see Tea Party bulls-eye’s painted on their backs. I predict that they’ll all begin to start talking and voting like Barry Goldwater, for fear of losing their own cushy seats.O’Donnell’s win means “business as usual” is over. Kaput. Finished. GOP congressmen now know that they either move en masse to the right, no longer selling out their principles, or they’ll be finished. Tell me exactly how that isn’t a huge net plus for our cause?”This looks less and less like a tsunami than it does a purging of the Republican party.

  72. shiloh says:

    Again Bart, even taking into consideration Castle’s votes ~ 26k, most of whom will never vote for O’Donnell, the total is (56k). O’Donnell received 141k in 2008.Where were the other (75k) yesterday?Answer: At home as they were totally unmotivated to vote for either O’Donnell or Castle, eh and if the turnout was heavier Castle would have won lol.All of which has Coons smilin’ :)ie no enthusiasm/wave/tsunami in DE !!!take care

  73. Mainer says:

    The funny part of this is the mention of the Maine Bobbsey twins and how they are going to be terrorized. Now apart from the really poor choice of words here (so terrorizing ones opponents is now cool politics who knew?)the dynamic duo from Maine have had targets on their backs from around the right wing world for some time now but that is not what is going to get them in serious trouble with the folks that will or will not send them back. The problem is that they have all too often of late strayed too far right of RINO for the comfort of much of the Maine elecorate. You might be faced once again with the very real prospect that what replaces them most likely will not be any form of Republican or righty or regressive.Jean good to see you on. You and I are about the same age and I really tried to behave myself over at the Times and had a number of posts evaporate. My hat is off to whom ever actually got the message on that this was up and running I told Mono and Mr. U I would try to do so and it just did not fly.

  74. Mainer says:

    Mono I have been following this whole none of the above theme and I think it less likely this year than most that people are going to take that step. This isn’t a warm and fuzzy election year if people vote it is going to be for a reason. The choices are too clear and too stark. As long as every one was buying the Luntz “every one keep saying we are going to take the Senate until the perception becomes the reality” All too many people wnat to back the winning team or in the case of National Politics gone local they want to if at all possible send the candidate of the party they think can do the most for them. So if they send Reid and the Reps win he will have minimal power but if they send a Republican and the Republicans control that Senate then the Fed money and programs will continue to flow to Nevada…so the more it appears that the Reps will not get control of the Senate then the more likely it will be for a certain percentage of the electorate to move to the one they think will actually win and especially if they believe that indivual is going to be one the winning side. That is where yesterday hurt the Reps and Karl Roves rant didn’t help them much either. I could easily see this costing Angle 4-5 percentage points and in a short time.I suspect there are some other races out there that could be also affected to a similar if lesser degree.

  75. Monotreme says:

    I was just riffing off what Bart posted about Reid. ScottyRass has “very unfavorable” ratings for O’Donnell at 24% and for Coons at 12% and I have to believe that O’Donnell’s negatives are going up. Having someone who’s sexual proclivities are so far outside the mainstream lecture voters about the natural and incredibly common act of masturbation is like having an anorectic lecture them about what they’re eating.

  76. WA7th says:

    @ alla y’all:Oh, sweet jeebus, I’m glad I finally found this place! I was looking for this link in the old 538 comments *as* they were taken down, ‘cuz I hadn’t copied it down, so I’m late getting here. I tried to love the new site, I really did, but does anyone know how many days until the NYT contract expires? I read 99% of everything ever posted at the old blog, and 75% of the comments (all of them in the beginning). Now, I can catch up on the NYT posts every few days knowing I’m not missing any meaningful two-way dialog in the comments. (I’ll still search for Fili comments, though!) I do appreciate all the efforts the old commenters have been making on the new site, but we can’t force the NYT to work Nate’s hours, nor expect Nate to work Nate’s hours forever.Anyway, great to see you all! Thanks so much for doing this! I hope it works out well.As at the old site, I’ll save the snark for Shiloh’s breaktimes. No sense in working hard to dish an appropriate level of sarcasm when Shiloh’s willing to do it for me. ;>

  77. WA7th says:

    Fili finally shows her true colors. Real Americans don’t prickle. Not even the ones who allow cilantro in their guacamole. Sheesh, go figure….

  78. Mr Universe says:

    Extra credit for the proper use of the double plural of ‘y’all’. Good to see you.

  79. Bart DePalma says:

    The tsunami nominated O’Donnell with fully double the turnout of past DE GOP primaries.Rasmussen came up with some interesting internals in their post-primary poll giving Coons the lead. O’Donnell leads among Indis by 8%, but is currently only picking up a bit over 70% of the GOP. The key to this race will be whether the Castle GOP voters will come home, stay home or cross over during the general election.

  80. filistro says:

    Bart from the politics site today at NYT, detailing their latest polling.. “Nearly half of all Republican voters say they have a favorable opinion of the Tea Party. But the view of the movement among independent voters grew more negative since a Times/CBS poll was conducted in April. Now, 30 percent of independent voters have an unfavorable view of the Tea Party, with 18 percent holding a favorable view and more than half offering no opinion. “Got that, Bart? 18% favorables among Indies! How you are going to win elections with that number is beyond me.

  81. Bart DePalma says:

    Just since the primary, O’Donnell has raised nearly as much as Coons has in the bank – all without party help. All without GOP party help, I should say. All the attacks on O’Donnell have the Tea Party across the country helping.

  82. shiloh says:

    Keep hope alive!Bart are you in love w/O’Donnell as much as you are in love w/palin?just wonderin’Hey, they are both quite perky, although pretty sure palin masturbates. ;)You bet’cha! :)>btw, hard to believe O’Donnell isn’t married yet … as a (41) year old virgin would be quite a catch, eh.just sayin’>and how many of those previous Rep DE primaries had more than (1) competitive candidate running.take care, blessings

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