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Go Ahead and Get Wonky. We’ll Wait

It’s been a week since the first presidential debate and President Obama’s somewhat lackluster performance. Now it’s time for the clash of the number twos. Tomorrow night in Dannville, Kentucky Vice President Joe Biden and VP candidate Paul Ryan square … Continue reading

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Republicans Off the Starboard Bow!

Health care reform is rapidly becoming a real ‘Kobayashi Maru‘ test for Republicans. Star Trek fans will recall this test as being the ‘n0-win scenario’ from Star Trek II: The Wrath of Kahn. The test is a computer simulated training exercise … Continue reading

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Free Forum Friday May 27th Edition

Whacky political week. Democrats won a long standing Republican seat in New York by defending Medicare against Paul Ryan‘s plan to dismantle it. New York-26 has been an historically Republican district yet the voters elected a Democrat for the first time in decades. Is … Continue reading

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New York 26 Looks to Have Gone Democratic

Polls are closed in New York’s special election to replace Representative Mike Lee after an Internet infidelity scandal. A traditionally Republican district, New York 26 appears to have elected Democrat Kathy Hochul (48%) in a three way race with Republican … Continue reading

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It’s the Budget My Ass

Careful what you wish for. Republicans have made the budget problem their number one issue. In fact it’s their national emergency. They are using it to demand lots of spending cuts that would essentially hurt a lot of Americans. But … Continue reading

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Outrage at Republican Town Halls: Where’s the Media Now?

Paul Ryan‘s (fake) budget plan is receiving a great deal of criticism and not just from liberal Democrats. Ryan himself was booed at his own town hall by his own constituents. Nobody is buying dismantling Medicare to give tax cuts … Continue reading

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Intimidation Nation

What is it about Tea Party Republicans? These are the same people who turned town hall meetings into near-riots throughout 2009. They are the ones who were big on carrying guns to political rallies. They fantasized about armed rebellion. There … Continue reading

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